Forester SG Sti Downpipe with 100 cell high Flow Cat 3">2.5" 

This superb high quality sports cat from Hayward&Scott is perfect for owners who don't want the hassle of having to change Downpipes at mot time. The high quality materials used in this sports cat mean ultimate high flow without a decat and you will be able to pass an mot for years to come, unlike other cheaper low quality items available. 

It is highly recommended to have your car remapped for safe running and to get the most out of your car after fitting.

  • It Will also fit any JDM Forester including Cross Sport and JDM XT 
  • This will be sent out to suit cars with a standard  2.5'' 3 piece jdm exhaust layout (53'' length centre section) unless otherwise specified 

Subaru Forester Sg Sti Downpipe with High Flow Cat 3">2.5