Pedders Subaru Forester rear suspension kit

This kit is used to replace the Original Self-Levelling Suspension.. This kit is a direct bolt in replacement. NO modifications to the vehicle are required. No extra parts are required. When fitting you will of course need to re-use the original top mount arrangement. Spring compressors will be required to complete this task.

"Will my vehicle really be returned to its original Ride height?" Yes, definitely! There are numerous examples of Foresters having had the Self-Levellers replaced with conventional dampers which then sit to low. This is because the original spring is too weak to support the full weight of the car as it is normally assisted in this task by the self levelling damper.

"My Forester is a Turbo, will this kit fit my car?" Yes this Pedders kit fits all SF Model Subaru Foresters including Turbo models.

Regain ground clearance and ride height
Fits all SF series Foresters models inc Turbo

SF Pedders Suspension Kit Rear Standard

  • Subaru Forester SF Pedders Rear Suspension Kit


    1 Pedders Comfort Gas Left Sealed Strut (8998L)
    1 Pedders Comfort Gas Right Sealed Strut (8998R)
    2 Pedders Heavy Duty Rear Coil Springs (7455)
    Ride height 660mm with 16 inch wheels