Give your Forester fantastic handling capabilities and a great look with the all new Pedders Ezifit lowering kit for all SG models including STI and non turbo models.
These shocks come ready assembled including dampers , springs and top mount arrangement....a brand new complete bolt on suspension !No more using and mixing old suspension parts with new ! Rather than purchasing separate springs, dampers, bump stops and then having to pay a technician to dis-assemble and re-assemble the parts for you, you can now buy the complete strut and just bolt it on yourself!
Save money on labour charges !

Pedders Ezifit Lowering Kit all SG modeks 02-08

  • Lowers your Forester by approx 50mm

    Contents of Kit (Pedders Part Numbers)

    809472L Pedders Ezifit Front Strut Left

    809472R Pedders Ezifit Front Strut Rear

    809473L Pedders Ezifit Rear Strut Left

    809473R Pedders Ezifit Rear strut Right