Pedders Comfort Gas range features a unique VRD* valve which enables the average motorist to be within reach of a truly responsive shock absorber. The secret to Pedders VRD shock Absorber is within the shock 's valve, designed to control oil flow and respond instantaneously to different driving conditions. The result is the most responsive shock absorber available on the market today that provides the average motorist with an even greater level of driver comfort and vehicle performance.

Pedders Comfort Gas Sealed Strut SG (8473) LEFT

  • Fits all Forester SG Models inc Turbo
    Check the 4th and 5th letter in your chassis number for SG
    Save over £400 compared with Subaru!
    Pedders Suspension 2 year warranty

    Must be fitted with Pedders Springs

    Rear Shock: (1) 8473L/R can also be used to convert from Nivomat self levelling when lowering. Must also replace springs when a conversion is done to either a standard or lowered height.