Gulf Competition 5W-40 Racing Engine Oil 5 litre can.

Gulf Competition is a range of products specially formulated for, and tested in, race and rally conditions in a variety of cars. These engine oils are based on the very latest concept of synthetic fluids, such as chemically pure esters, that have been carefully chosen to provide the maximum level of engine protection and deliver specific performance benefits vital in motor racing. All the oils incorporate a top-of-the-range additive system.

Benefits of Gulf Competition 5w-40 racing engine oil (5w40)
The 5w-40 Gulf Competition race engine oil is recommended for small engines (up to 2 litres) and for larger engines in short duration races. Ideal for use in single seaters, small saloon cars and touring car races.

Specifications and Manufacturer Approvals
Gulf Competition 5w-40 combines quality base-stocks, ester and a top-of-the-range additive package meeting the requirements of the following international specifications:


Gulf Competition 5W-40 Racing Engine Oil 5 Litres