Reading ECU Error codes
Turn OFF the ignition

Connect Error code Connectors :
2 black connectors under dash, connect black to black, they are by your left knee when sat in the drivers seat and often taped back to the loom if they haven't been used before.

Turn ON ignition but don't start the engine

Engine Check lamp comes on flashing either once per second (OK code) or an error code

If you find an error code you can diagnose it below and reset the ecu to remove the stored code

BELLE Magazine

Sep 2023

Fault Codes SF5

11 Crankshaft position sensor

12 Starter switch

13 Camshaft position sensor

21 Engine coolant temperature sensor

22 Knock sensor

23 Mass air flow sensor

24 Idle air control solenoid

31 Throttle position sensor

32 Oxygen sensor

33 Vehicle speed sensor 2

35 Purge control solenoid valve

42 Idle switch

44 Wastegate control solenoid valve

45 Pressure sensor / Pressure exchange solenoid valve

51 Neutral position switch

Error Codes

An Error code is defined as a slow flash followed by fast flash
i.e 2 slow and 3 fast = 23 Mass Airflow sensor.
A continuous on/off at the same speed is no fault found.

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